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Exploring Arctic Ice Minima
The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars by Michael E. Mann - A Book Review
Water district election update from a guileless heavyweight
Constructive and External Validity for Climate Modeling
All this has happened before
How to Talk to Climate Deniers
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Annus Horribilis
Climate Change: the Slippery, Shape Shifting, Jelly Mould Threat
Book Review – Galileo’s Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom by Peter W. Huber
FAQ for article 'Scientists’ Views about Attri...
Survey confirms scientific consensus on human-ca...
Open thread Summer 2014
How many links does it take?
June was the hottest month on record for the ocean
Concerns about global warming… since the 1930s
Arctic Ice Guesses 2014
The NHL may be on thin ice, due to climate change
Administrivia note: Time to heal and reassess
Of climate change and invalidated assumptions and plain old obstinance
Why that Doonesbury strip isn't 100% helpful
Self-delusion and the absurdity of a 'Good Anthropocene'
Science is science, but indifference trumps all
From Computational Thinking to Systems Thinking
The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth
Explaining the Seasons on 'Game of Thrones'
A few thoughts on the new EPA rules
Two Great TED Talks
What I am doing with my life
TEDx talk: Should we trust climate models?
no title
Calculation: The emissions from those new Chinese coal plants
2C in our rear-view mirror, geoengineering dead ahead
Climate Scientists Have Two Huge Reasons to Celebrate
Why Hawaii doing chocolate right
Pennsylvania Finally Reveals Fracking Has Contam...
Girl, let me see that thong (over your mantelpie...
Stealth Carbon Bombs Stopped In Their Tracks
Booze proof nature wants us to be happy
Architecture for people, by people
This 3,300 foot crack in Mexican desert nothing ...
Renewable energy up, but renewable investment is...
Why Georgia doing pecans right
Clean Energy Jobs Surge Just In Time for Labor Day
Good news — you can now buy makeup that su...
Global Warming Already Dangerous, May Be Irreversible: Draft IPCC Report
Now you can feel guilty about wearing sunscreen@...
Louisiana drowning, quickly
mystery huge solar plants & tiny dead birds
Obama Opened Floodgates for Offshore Fracking in Recent Gulf of Mexico Lease
Why Florida doing shrimp right
Preliminary Studies Show Potential Health Risk F...
Explosion Shakes BP’s Largest Oil Refinery In ...
What's better for zipping around town, electric ...
Why Repubs won’t back carbon tax
Why Delaware doing climate change mitigation rig...
China scoffs@our puny bikeshare programs
Obama has plan for getting around Senate opposit...
These adorable car ideas from kids will make you...
State Dept. Overseers of Contentious Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Workaround Have Industry, Torture Ties
Invasion corn snatchers
Hip Hop curbs SUVs, takes Tesla for spin
Why Connecticut doing sushi right
Musty old weather reports may hold climate chang...
Energy companies in Texas setting money on fire
Palo Alto's utility now provides guilt-free elec...
Can't decide whether to go to big climate march?...
U.N.'s latest report on climate change terrifying
Mount Polley: A Wake-Up Call For Canada’s Mining Industry
The Tropics Go Quiet World-Wide
MIT takes a view on a new climate agreement
Oxfam: saving the tava’e (and the world)
Venice LA
Why Scientists Don't Share Data
The Weekend Wonk: Toxic Algae, Water, and Climate Change
We Are Groot
Cristobal Headed Towards Iceland; 98L Moving Inland Over Texas
SEARCH 2014 Sea Ice Outlook: August report
US State Department underestimates carbon pollution from Keystone XL
This is like the movie Groundhog Day. I seem forever forced to correct the State D...
UFO: a knowledge problem
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #35A
Act now on climate change or face growing health risks - UN Climate change ma...
QOTW: Buckminster Fuller
CRISTOBAL heads Out to Sea / Invest 98 in GOM / Disturbance approaches CARIB
Obama Looks Beyond Congress for New Climate Agreement
TDB Today: Bought and paid for – the dirty politics of climate denial
Athabasca Glacier: a tragic vanishing act
The Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is probably the easiest glac...
Toronto Star Details ALEC Efforts to Derail Climate Change Policy
White House won't use NEPA effectively on climate and clean energy -- Part 2
Draft guidance to federal agencies on environmental impact assessment of proposed ...
Unpacking unpaused global warming – climate models got it right
Although the global climate has continued to build up heat at an incredibly rapid ...
2014 SkS Weekly Digest #34
SkS Highlights Dana's Global warming denial rears its ugly head around the world...
ASI 2014 update 8: neck and neck
"Peak UFO": the decline of a cultural cycle
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #34B
A tale of two cities: Miami, New York and life on the edge Atlantic Ocean key...
White House won’t use NEPA effectively on climate and clean energy -- Part 1
The White House won’t use the law on federal environmental impacts assessments a...
Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages
This is a re-post from the National Science Foundation Climate scientists have lo...
Friday melts, weird weather and whales (it’s been a long time…)
Italy: overshooting the bear
Scientist in focus – meteorologist and climate communicator Paul Huttner
Meteorologists have the tools to clearly understand how humans are affecting the E...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #34A
A major challenge’ to South Asia’s economic development Cities’ air ...
On climate change and not saving the wolverine
The decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to deny protection to the Ameri...
EPA will review restrictive communication policy for science advisers
In response to a letter from science and journalism organizations criticizing the ...
Global warming denial rears its ugly head around the world, in English
As people’s understanding of climate science grows, among both experts and non-e...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #33C
As Earth warms, relationship between science and religion thaws Climate chang...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #33B
Adaptation gaps mean African farmers fork out more money for reduced harvests ...
"Is politically motivated reasoning rational?" A fragment ...
What's to explain? Kulkarni on "knowing disbelief"
Democracy & the science communication environment (video lecture)
5 strategies for better climate communication
Lessons from the Field: Global Community Organizing Against Fracking
Creationism and Ohio's antiscience bill
Making Social Science Relevant Again: Engaging Students Through Wicked Problems
A court battle on the horizon in Ohio?
ASIH calls for repeal of Tennessee's antiscience law
Don’t Even Think About It
Building community conversations around preparedness in Baltimore
Communicating climate change: the view from Sweden
Bring climate change to the front door
Greenwire on Obama's Strategy to Morally Stigmatize Conservatives Who Dismiss Climate Change
American University Doctoral Students Investigate Media, Technology and Democracy
BC Canada's The Tyee Magazine on Bill McKibben and Building a Broader Climate Movement
Why Google's Support for James Inhofe Is Not Only Morally Wrong, But Bad for Business
The Hill Newspaper on Obama's Climate Change Messaging
Debating Bioethics Openly: Taking Advantage of Major Events to Engage the Public
The Opponent: How Bill McKibben Changed Environmental Politics and Took on the Oil Patch
At New Scientist Magazine, Assessing the UK Government's Goal of Changing the Conversation About Food Biotechnology
Lawrence Hall of Science, in brief
NOAA's Science on a Sphere: Climate visualization & other suggestions for viewing at science museums
NOAA's PPI goals&objectives fall short of the ACC policy&outreach recommendations
IPCC attribution statements redux: A response to Judith Curry
I have written a number of times about the procedure used to attribute recent clim...
The Energy to Fight Injustice
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 1
One of the truly amusing facets of being a Monckton-o-phile like myself is watchin...
Jeremiah's Progeny: Our Dilemma
How much methane came out of that hole in Siberia?
Siberia has explosion holes in it that smell like methane, and there are newly fou...
We're the best!
[jules' pics] High Street
Unforced variations: Aug 2014
This month's open thread. Keeping track of the Arctic sea ice minimum is interesti...
49. Volcanoes and the Transient Climate Response – Part I
[jules' pics] The Thames Valley
Facing Facebook: Australia's Cap-and-Tax
The Monckton Files: A Hero Has Fallen!
Hang around the Watt's Up With That? blog for any length of time, and it will beco...
Global Warming, Climate Change
Jason Box interviewed by Mill Maher
Time and Tide
Rossby waves and surface weather extremes
A new study by Screen and Simmonds demonstrates the statistical connection between...
Release of the International Surface Temperature Initiative’s (ISTI’s) Global Land Surface Databank, an expanded set of fundamental surface temperature records
Guest post by Jared Rennie, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, Nort...
Unforced variations: July 2014
This month's open thread. Topics of potential interest: The successful OCO-2 launc...
48. Increasing vertically integrated water vapor over the oceans
47. Relative humidity over the oceans
Republican EPA Chiefs Urge Climate Action
Four former EPA administrators from Republican administrations testified at a cong...
Take Notes, Mr. Steyn
Today's lesson is on How to Float Legally Non-Actionable Accusations.  Mark Steyn...
Unforced variations: June 2014
June is the month when the Arctic Sea Ice outlook gets going, when the EPA release...
Inspector Steyn is Looking for a Clue
Great news in the Mann v. National Review et al. case!  Are you ready?  Defendan...
Deseret News: Who are the 'Alarmists'?
I wrote an op-ed for the Deseret News with the headline, 'Who are the 'alarmists' ...
El Niño or Bust
Guest commentary from Michelle L'Heureux, NOAA Climate Prediction Center Much medi...
Unforced variations: May 2014
This month's open thread. In order to give everyone a break, no discussion of miti...
Faking it
Every so often contrarians post old newspaper quotes with the implication that not...
Mark Steyn's Flashdance
It's an old story.  A stripper longs to be a ballerina, but the stuffy board at t...
The Free Speech Brigade Suppresses Free Speech
The Mann v. National Review et al. case (which I have previously written about her...
What Precedent? Why National Review et al. Are Running Scared
Whenever there is a big, public legal battle, it seems like the principals spend a...
Free Speech 101 for Sulky Teenagers
Yea, Michael Mann hath prevailed upon the court to allow his defamation suit to go...
'How to Manipulate Rubes into Covering Your Legal Bills,' Mark Steyn edition
If you haven't been following the Michael Mann v. National Review, Inc. et al. ca...
Republican Scientist: 'Rush Limbaugh is an Idiot'
Ok, I'm too polite (and overweight) to call him a 'big, fat idiot' like Al Franken...
SL Trib: Why are Scientists Leaving the GOP?
Judy Fahys has another article in the Salt Lake Tribune, in which she asked Utah S...
Friday fold: Pleistocene glacial folding of Cretaceous sedimentary rock?
When You Move House, Your Microbial Aura Moves Too
Brain Zaps Boost Memory
Rail Transport of U.S. Oil Up By 9 Percent, Creating Rail Car Shortage
One Species Becomes Two, Inside an Insect
Fate of the Passenger Pigeon Looms as a Somber Warning
Type 1a Supernovae: Why Our Standard Candle Isn't Really Standard
You Almost Certainly Have Mites On Your Face
Evolution's Baby Steps
Obama Seeks International Climate Accord Without Congressional Approval
Dinosaur bone
Getting students to read the syllabus with a Syllabus Quiz
Mission to Pluto Is Like a Next-Gen Voyager
Global Meat Production, Especially Beef, Strains Land and Water, Study Says
Health Care Savings Can Far Outweigh Costs of Carbon-Cutting Policies
Mideast Water Wars: In Iraq, A Battle for Control of Water
I've Got Your Missing Links Right Here (23 August 2014)
Drought in Western U.S. Has Caused Land to Rise, Researchers Say
Birds Lost Their Sweet Tooth, Hummingbirds Got Theirs Back
Antarctica and Greenland Losing Ice at Fastest Rate Ever Recorded
Temperature Key to Crocs in the Sea
Exporting Coal to Korea Could Slash Emissions by 21 Percent, Analysis Finds
Interview: Drones Are Emerging As Valuable Conservation Tool
How Drones Are Emerging As Valuable Conservation Tool
Wind Energy Prices at All-Time Low, According to U.S. Report
The media's growing interest in how animals think
Recent Glacier Losses Are Mostly Driven by Human Activity, Study Says
A New Frontier for Fracking: Drilling Near the Arctic Circle
New Citizen Science Software Aims to Document and Curb Illegal Fishing
Some Chemicals in Fracking Fluids Raise Red Flags, Researchers Say
New Maps Show Flooding Risks for Critical U.S. Energy Facilities
Media Still Disproportionately Including Views of Climate Skeptics, Study Says
Climate Effects of Keystone XL Pipeline Significantly Underestimated, Study Finds
Africa’s Vultures Threatened By An Assault on All Fronts
China Added Large Amount of Solar Power in First Half of 2014
(Caveat: I don't read or index the sites below, but have included them because others might want to, since they're directly focused on rebutting some higher-profile one-sided-skeptic sites. Are they useful?)