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A Purposeful Avoidance of the Truth Is Sufficient to Establish Actual Malice
We Have Not Inherited the Earth From Our Ancestors, We Are Stealing It From Our Children
Shoving the Overton Window Towards Reality
How (and Why) Professional Climate Deniers Create Deceptive Graphics
Corals suggest El Niño may become more frequent
Rewinding the Clock
Warming El Ninos on a warming planet
How Climate Deniers Create Fake Experts
A blast from the coral past
Open thread – Winter 2014/2015
Girls on Ice 2015 Expeditions
High School Educational Program on Greenland
Still living
Discussing Climate Change Over the Thanksgiving Turkey
Climate Science Legal Defense Fund Hires New Executive Director
What the 2014 US Midterm Elections Do and Don't Mean for Climate
Detecting Crap on the Internet
My Cartoon Supervisors
A New Chapter
Video-interview about climate science survey pap...
WSJ's Message is Always Deny or Delay: Koonin Just the Latest Misinformer
Facts Cannot Slow Down the Runaway Climate Confusion Train
Constructive and External Validity for Climate Modeling
Climate Change: the Slippery, Shape Shifting, Jelly Mould Threat
FAQ for article 'Scientists’ Views about Attri...
Administrivia note: Time to heal and reassess
From Computational Thinking to Systems Thinking
The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth
no title
Nate Silver falls off
Carbon Crash Solar Dawn
Let's talk about Bushfires, Climate Change and Coal
What the government shutdown can tell us about the politics of climate legislation
Cuomo bans fracking in NY & questions climat...
14 Instagrams to see before you die
Watch this guy explain science behind climate de...
How to be science girl in Barbie world
BREAKING: New York Will Ban Fracking
New York Governor Cuomo to Ban Fracking in State, Citing Health Threats
D'Angelo's 'Black Messiah': Battle hymns for tod...
Your electric vehicle might not be as green as y...
Obama Takes Executive Action To Protect Alaska...
How ‘Black Liquor’ Has Been Clogging Up D.C....
David Cameron: 'People Are Fed Up With Wind Farms But Fracking Should Get Going’
Make lovely smelling muscle rub for athlete in y...
very first thing new Repub Senate will do try to...
Obama’s latest green move: Banning drilling in...
When Cards Against Humanity folks say they're go...
Psst, Congress, you have little food stuck in yo...
Most Americans clueless about how climate change...
London's garden bridge might be even better than...
Seattle's unbelievable transportation megaprojec...
Newspapers Complicit In Selling Phony “War On Coal”
How to keep your true love's headphones from eve...
Remembering genius who got BPA out your water bo...
Watch these experts use design to push renewable...
Trees fed up wour carbon, refuse to grow faster
Congress wants you to know that food has nothing...
More women choosing more effective birth control...
This doomed Alaskan village shows just how unpre...
American cities have bigger things to worry abou...
Climate Legacy: Report Offers Stark Reminder Why Fossil Fuel Industry Is So Intent To Avoid Accountability For Pollution
Frackers can now frack faster on some public lan...
Immigration and Terrorism Will Increase With Climate Change, Says Military Leader
Calls to Ban Bomb Trains Ramp Up While Communities Await New Regulations
Watch E.O. Wilson explain meaning human existenc...
How to turn boring old book into stash box
Can I justify fake Christmas tree?
It's a Lock: 2014 Will Set New Temp Record
Greenland's Non Surprising Surprise – Melting Faster Than Thought
At Lima Conference, World Bravely Decides to Take Modest Action Later Maybe
The Basics
PBS Newshour: Lima Climate Talks
Two degrees: Will we avoid dangerous climate change?
This is a re-post from Carbon Brief by Simon Evans Limiting warming to no more th...
Texas and the Future – Hero or Villain – Still Undecided
2014 SkS News Bulletin #6: LIMA COP20 / CMP10
This News Bulletin is a compilation of articles about the just concluded meeting o...
Carbon News 15/12/14: smoke and mirrors
Earth's 7th Warmest November Puts 2014 on Pace to be Warmest Year on Record: NOAA
Seneca cliffs of the third kind: how technological progress can generate a faster collapse
In the meantime: CryoSat
Two degrees: The history of climate change’s ‘speed limit’
This is a re-post from Carbon Brief by Mat Hope & Rosamund Pearce Limiting warmi...
Finding the way to Paris from Lima
Steve Bloom reporting from 2014 AGU FM
2014 SkS Weekly Digest #50
SkS Highlights Tamino's Guest blog post, Is Earth’s temperature about to soar?...
Dead rats and circumcision
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #50B
Building climate equity and international consensus from the ground up Canada...
First, thou shalt not scare them Harnessing the Power of Crowd-Sourcing to Improve Hurricane Data
Skeptical Science at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting
A number of Skeptical Science contributors will be presenting at the 2014 AGU Fall...
Torrential Rains Dent Califonia's Worst Drought in at Least 1,200 Years
Global warming continues despite continuous denial
Human emissions of greenhouse gases cause the Earth to warm. We’ve known that fo...
Reality and distortions in Lima
Is Earth’s temperature about to soar?
This is a re-post from tamino's Open Mind, showing that there's no statistical evi...
Is earth’s temperature about to soar? (No pause, no hiatus, only warming)
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #50A
2014 surprisingly rough on coral reefs, and El Niño looms in 2015 California...
Have we been breaking more and more weather records?
How the world's economic growth is actually un-economic
By Robert Costanza, Australian National University The focus of the recently conc...
California just had its worst drought in over 1200 years, as temperatures and risks rise
A new paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters by Griffin & Anc...
Brazil is back; but are they a decade late?
Fossil fuels: are we on the edge of the Seneca cliff?
PIOMAS December 2014
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #49B
Canada's climate inaction leaves it 'increasingly isolated CO2 takes just 10 ...
Even climate change experts and activists might be in denial
By Steffen Böhm, University of Essex and Aanka Batta, University of Essex Anothe...
AGU 2014
Once more unto the breach! Fall AGU this year will be (as last year) ...the larges...
Ten Years of RealClimate: Where now?
The landscape for science blogging, the public discourse on climate and our own ro...
Ten Years of RealClimate
In the spring of 2004, when we (individually) first started talking to people abou...
Ten years of RealClimate: Thanks
As well as the current core team " David Archer, Eric Steig, Gavin Schmidt, Mike...
Ten years of Realclimate: By the numbers
Start date: 10 December 2004 Number of posts: 914 Number of comments: ~172,000 Num...
Is Earth's temperature about to soar?
[jules' pics] Pointy Cow
The most popular deceptive climate graph
The 'World Climate Widget' from Tony Watts' blog is probably the most popular dece...
[jules' pics] tree
[jules' pics] B&W
Recent global warming trends: significant or paused or what?
As the World Meteorological Organisation WMO has just announced that “The year 2...
A pause or not a pause, that is the question.
Unforced variations: Dec 2014
This month's open thread. Think history, Lima, and upcoming additions of a single ...
Terminate Climate Change
A clearer picture how climate change affects El Niño?
I still remember the first time I was asked about how climate change affects El Ni...
53. The rapidly rotating 'fruit fly'
52. Warming and reduced vertical mass exchange in the troposphere
Unforced variations: Nov 2014
This month's open thread. In honour of today's New York Marathon, we are expecting...
Rain-Making and Benefunder
51. The simplest diffusive model of oceanic heat uptake and TCR
Iowa Roots: Speaking Truth to Power
The Monckton Files: Vote for Monckton!!!
At last, a candidate I can really get behind! There is an interesting site called ...
Government’s Duty
The Monckton Files: Hypocrisplosion, Islamophobe Style
That Beacon of Freedom, His Supreme Sagacity, the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenc...
A Republican Scientist Explains Why Coal Is Expensive
My local newspaper is the Daily Herald, in Provo, Utah, and it has always been abo...
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 1
One of the truly amusing facets of being a Monckton-o-phile like myself is watchin...
The Monckton Files: A Hero Has Fallen!
Hang around the Watt's Up With That? blog for any length of time, and it will beco...
Republican EPA Chiefs Urge Climate Action
Four former EPA administrators from Republican administrations testified at a cong...
Take Notes, Mr. Steyn
Today's lesson is on How to Float Legally Non-Actionable Accusations.  Mark Steyn...
Inspector Steyn is Looking for a Clue
Great news in the Mann v. National Review et al. case!  Are you ready?  Defendan...
Deseret News: Who are the 'Alarmists'?
I wrote an op-ed for the Deseret News with the headline, 'Who are the 'alarmists' ...
Mark Steyn's Flashdance
It's an old story.  A stripper longs to be a ballerina, but the stuffy board at t...
The Free Speech Brigade Suppresses Free Speech
The Mann v. National Review et al. case (which I have previously written about her...
What Precedent? Why National Review et al. Are Running Scared
Whenever there is a big, public legal battle, it seems like the principals spend a...
Free Speech 101 for Sulky Teenagers
Yea, Michael Mann hath prevailed upon the court to allow his defamation suit to go...
Lightning Bolts May have Jolted Life on Earth
New computer system predicts malaria outbreaks in Ethiopia
Unmarked burial sites: where history and geophysics team up
Why Do We See the Man in the Moon?
Obama Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay From Oil and Gas Development
Wifi Brain Implants For Robot Arms
Falling Gasoline Prices Have Little Effect on Car Travel, Analysis Shows
Meeting David Attenborough
Beyond Lima: Major Investors Must Fund Global Green Initiatives
Draft Climate AcDraft Climate Accord Reached In Lima Leaves Many Doubts in Its Wakecord Leaves Many Doubts in Its Wake
I've Got Your Missing Links Right Here (13 December 2014)
Using Penguins to Study Prehistory
Dirty snowballs and our origins
Majority of Americans Support Climate Change Actions and Negotiations, Poll Says
The Long War Against the Iron Pirates
India and Australia Are Focus of Attention in Lima Climate Talks
Will New Technologies Give Critical Boost to Solar Power?
Draft Agreement in Lima Climate Talks Calls for Emissions Cuts by Every Nation
The Caterpillar Defense
The Power of a Press Release
Missing the Mastodon
As Ministers Arrive, Lima Climate Talks Face High Hurdles
After Steep Decline, Signs of Hope for World’s Sea Turtles
Latin American and Caribbean Nations Pledge Major Forest Restoration Efforts
U.S. Natural Gas Fracking Boom May Be Shorter Than Predicted, Study Says
The geochemistry of glass
Arabian Sea Whales Are Most Isolated and Endangered Population on Earth
A Decade After Asian Tsunami, New Forests Protect the Coast
Public Largely Unaware of Meat And Dairy's Contribution to Climate Change
New Proposal Outlines Key Elements for a Global Climate Pact
Five Questions for Gus Speth on His Environmental Evolution
The Texas school board isn't as powerful as you think
no title
Making Habitability a Priority