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A New Chapter
Enough of This PC1 Nonsense, Time for Something Important
Zombie Steve and the Hockey Stick
Multiple Working Hypotheses
Obdurate Ignorance Meets Flood Insurance
Video-interview about climate science survey pap...
WSJ's Message is Always Deny or Delay: Koonin Just the Latest Misinformer
Climate Denial Tactic - Repeat a Falsehood Enough and Maybe It Will Become True
Climate Denial on the Internet - Who are the Deniers?
Facts Cannot Slow Down the Runaway Climate Confusion Train
97 Hours of Climate Consensus...and the "Rebuttal" by Climate Science Deniers
The climate, coral reefs, and energy policy must learn to cope with commitment
Exploring Arctic Ice Minima
Constructive and External Validity for Climate Modeling
Climate Change: the Slippery, Shape Shifting, Jelly Mould Threat
FAQ for article 'Scientists’ Views about Attri...
Survey confirms scientific consensus on human-ca...
How many links does it take?
June was the hottest month on record for the ocean
Concerns about global warming… since the 1930s
Administrivia note: Time to heal and reassess
Of climate change and invalidated assumptions and plain old obstinance
Why that Doonesbury strip isn't 100% helpful
Self-delusion and the absurdity of a 'Good Anthropocene'
Science is science, but indifference trumps all
From Computational Thinking to Systems Thinking
The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth
Explaining the Seasons on 'Game of Thrones'
A few thoughts on the new EPA rules
Two Great TED Talks
TEDx talk: Should we trust climate models?
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Calculation: The emissions from those new Chinese coal plants
35,000 Walrus Converge On Alaska Beach As Sea Ic...
Oyster prices could skyrocket if we don't change...
Did David Cameron Forget Climate Change Section in His Leader's Speech?
dried-up Aral Sea now post-apocalyptic playground
Lawson Becomes Chancellor - Attacks Miners, Sells Coal, Oil and Gas
Here's one idea for taxing rich & making hou...
Why Washington doing pizza right
Google Street View brings world's coral reefs to...
150 hurricanes later, these island people can te...
Climate change driving heat waves around world
This lobbying shop so dirty even oil companies w...
Watching Fox News Addicts Viewers&Misinforms...
Explosive Debate Over New Natural Gas Pipeline t...
Big greens spending big green in 2014 midterms
Is there any hope for international climate talk...
Why Virginia doing charcuterie right
We tried to eat every part salmon, & this wh...
How one Oregon town got its fish back
little island that could going 100 percent renew...
No, economic growth & climate stability do n...
Lawson's Climate Denial Donor Boasts of Shale Gas Investment
How Lawson Lost Control of Britain's Fossil Fuels
Cities lapping countries on climate action
Antarctic ice melt causes small shift in gravity
Why Vermont doing maple syrup right
U.N.'s climate message as tall as skyscraper, &a...
How solar can become world's largest source elec...
Naomi Klein on how fossil fuels threaten our abi...
Belgian brewery plans beer pipeline. Residents p...
Why Utah doing honey right
Climate? What Climate?
In protest-icon game, polar bear beats carbon bu...
chemicals in my couch disrupting my WHAT?
If Berkeley can't pass soda tax, who can?
The Day Thatcher Met Hayek - and How this Led to Privatisation
Quietest Atlantic Hurricane Season Since 1986
August 2014: Greenland is the New Black
New and Improved Ice Loss Estimates for Polar Ice Sheets
In a previous post, several years ago, I discussed the various ways that we measur...
Renewable Energy Prices Drop Dramatically (again)
Put Up (Solar on) a Parking Lot?
Extremes report 2013: NZ drought and record Aussie heat made worse by warming
QuikSCAT's Replacement, the RapidScat Ocean Wind Sensor, Installed on Space Station
How did the UK grid respond to losing a few nuclear reactors?
This is a re-post from PassiiviIdentiteetti, written by Jani-Petri Martikainen. A...
A Spaceship called Eschatology
Invest 97L Spinning Near Bermuda; Phanfone a Potential Threat to Japan
Putting a price on carbon: Why not a carbon tax?
Carbon News 29/9/14: Key challenged over climate impacts on Pacific islands
QOTW: Orwell
2014 SkS Weekly Digest #39
SkS Highlights Dana's The Wall Street Journal downplays global warming risks onc...
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2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #39B
5 big announcements for cities at Climate Week ALEC tries to prove it’s not...
Your questions on climate sensitivity answered
This is a re-post from Roz Pidcock at Carbon Brief How sensitive is the earth to ...
A Cli-Fi Short Story: "the Human Eradication Plan."
Did the UN Summit shift the dial?
Where do we go but nowhere?
Citizen scientists classify storms for the Cyclone Center
Taking measurements of the Earth’s weather and climatic state is challenging in ...
97 Hours of Consensus reaches millions
On 9/ 7, Skeptical Science launched 97 Hours of Consensus. Every hour for 97 conse...
52 Pickup
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #39A
Climate change as a catalyst of conflict Climate primer: Explaining the globa...
Front pages from all over on the People's Climate March
"Hundreds of thousands of people in New York City and around the world participate...
The Narrative of Collapse: "Queen of Antarctica"
Double talk or straight talk
The Wall Street Journal downplays global warming risks once again
As has become the norm for media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch, just before a ha...
A huge turnout in New York
Upcoming MOOC makes sense of climate science denial
In collaboration with The University of Queensland, Skeptical Science is developin...
On eve of climate march, Wall Street Journal publishes call to wait and do nothing
In a new Wall Street Journal piece former BP scientist and DOE Undersecretary of S...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #38B
2014 on track to be hottest year on record Arctic Sea Ice to reach sixth lowe...
50 Canadian climate researchers speak out in support of the People's Climate March
The Canadian government is hell-bent on exploiting the Alberta tar sands to the fu...
Deciding who should pay to publish peer-reviewed scientific research
There is an important discussion to be had about the future of scientific publicat...
Certain Arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release
This is a re-post of an NSF press release New research, supported by the National...
Watch your Frames
Haas joins NCSE board
Why the science of science communication needs to go back to highschool (& college; punctuated with visits to museum & science film-making studio)
Are military investigators culturally predisposed to see "consent" in acquaintance rape cases?
Date-rape debate deja vu: the script is 20 yrs out of date
Climate Smart & Energy Wise
A Small Business Case for Climate Action
The latest from Texas
People’s Climate Train crosses the country to bring marchers to NYC
5 strategies for better climate communication
Communicating climate change: the view from Sweden
Bring climate change to the front door
Greenwire on Obama's Strategy to Morally Stigmatize Conservatives Who Dismiss Climate Change
BC Canada's The Tyee Magazine on Bill McKibben and Building a Broader Climate Movement
Why Google's Support for James Inhofe Is Not Only Morally Wrong, But Bad for Business
The Hill Newspaper on Obama's Climate Change Messaging
Debating Bioethics Openly: Taking Advantage of Major Events to Engage the Public
The Opponent: How Bill McKibben Changed Environmental Politics and Took on the Oil Patch
At New Scientist Magazine, Assessing the UK Government's Goal of Changing the Conversation About Food Biotechnology
Obama: No time for 'Flat Earth Society.'
Harvard Shorenstein Paper on "Nature's Prophet: Bill McKibben as Journalist, Public Intellectual and Activist"
BMC Medical Ethics Study Evaluates the Media Impact of Rebecca Skloot's Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
A Reply to Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald: Why Analysis and Critical Reflection on the XL Tar Sands Pipeline Is Needed
So lonely, misunderstood…
Weathergirl goes rogue! LOL
Lawrence Hall of Science, in brief
NOAA's Science on a Sphere: Climate visualization & other suggestions for viewing at science museums
NOAA's PPI goals&objectives fall short of the ACC policy&outreach recommendations
[jules' pics] running man
[jules' pics] Pen-y-ghent
Free climate science / modeling class beginning Sept. 29
Global Warming: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change is a free online adapta...
The story of methane in our climate, in five pie charts
Speaking Truth to Power - and to Friends
Butterflies and Flamingos
The Monckton Files: Hypocrisplosion, Islamophobe Style
That Beacon of Freedom, His Supreme Sagacity, the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenc...
A Republican Scientist Explains Why Coal Is Expensive
My local newspaper is the Daily Herald, in Provo, Utah, and it has always been abo...
Larry Gibson and the Lobster Boat
50. Volcanoes and the Transient Climate Response – Part II
On arguing by analogy
Climate blogs and comment threads are full of 'arguments by analogy'. Depending on...
Unforced variations: September 2014
This month's open thread. People could waste time rebunking predictable cherry-pic...
IPCC attribution statements redux: A response to Judith Curry
I have written a number of times about the procedure used to attribute recent clim...
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 1
One of the truly amusing facets of being a Monckton-o-phile like myself is watchin...
How much methane came out of that hole in Siberia?
Siberia has explosion holes in it that smell like methane, and there are newly fou...
Unforced variations: Aug 2014
This month's open thread. Keeping track of the Arctic sea ice minimum is interesti...
49. Volcanoes and the Transient Climate Response – Part I
The Monckton Files: A Hero Has Fallen!
Hang around the Watt's Up With That? blog for any length of time, and it will beco...
Global Warming, Climate Change
Jason Box interviewed by Mill Maher
Time and Tide
Rossby waves and surface weather extremes
A new study by Screen and Simmonds demonstrates the statistical connection between...
Release of the International Surface Temperature Initiative’s (ISTI’s) Global Land Surface Databank, an expanded set of fundamental surface temperature records
Guest post by Jared Rennie, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, Nort...
Unforced variations: July 2014
This month's open thread. Topics of potential interest: The successful OCO-2 launc...
48. Increasing vertically integrated water vapor over the oceans
Republican EPA Chiefs Urge Climate Action
Four former EPA administrators from Republican administrations testified at a cong...
Take Notes, Mr. Steyn
Today's lesson is on How to Float Legally Non-Actionable Accusations.  Mark Steyn...
Inspector Steyn is Looking for a Clue
Great news in the Mann v. National Review et al. case!  Are you ready?  Defendan...
Deseret News: Who are the 'Alarmists'?
I wrote an op-ed for the Deseret News with the headline, 'Who are the 'alarmists' ...
Mark Steyn's Flashdance
It's an old story.  A stripper longs to be a ballerina, but the stuffy board at t...
The Free Speech Brigade Suppresses Free Speech
The Mann v. National Review et al. case (which I have previously written about her...
What Precedent? Why National Review et al. Are Running Scared
Whenever there is a big, public legal battle, it seems like the principals spend a...
Free Speech 101 for Sulky Teenagers
Yea, Michael Mann hath prevailed upon the court to allow his defamation suit to go...
'How to Manipulate Rubes into Covering Your Legal Bills,' Mark Steyn edition
If you haven't been following the Michael Mann v. National Review, Inc. et al. ca...
Scientists Photograph Gathering of 35,000 Walruses on Alaskan Beach
Nobody Lobbies for Geosciences Like Geoscientists
E360 Video: Indonesian Villagers Use Drones to Protect Their Forest
Science haiku to communicate research and more
Scientists use fiber-optic cables to measure ice loss in Antarctic
Half of the Planet's Animals Lost Since 1970, Report Says
The Other Polygraph
Adorable Alligatorellus
Inexpensive Solar Cell Makes Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight
Beyond Treaties: A New Way of Framing Global Climate Action
Pines and Viroids: On The Deep Past And Imminent Future of Life
The Human Genome Is In Stalemate in the War Against Itself
I've Got Your Missing Links Right Here (27 September 2014)
How Dinosaurs Set Up an Avian Explosion
Aral Sea Basin Dry for First Time in Modern History, Satellite Images Show
Ziapelta – New Mexico's Newest Dinosaur
How To Rid the World of Rabies
World's Largest Coal Company Plans Billion-Dollar Solar Project in India
Nearby, an Enigmatic Little Galaxy
Cashes Ledge: New England's Rich Underwater Laboratory
Cashes Ledge: New England's Underwater Laboratory
Lessons from Nature: Recycle Allies that Stop Being Useful
Nations and Corporations Pledge to End Forest Loss by 2030 at UN Summit
The Overview: Alberta Tar Sands
Food Security Issues Often Neglected After Extreme Weather Events
Oil Companies Quietly Prepare For a Future of Carbon Pricing
Planet Set to Reach CO2 Threshold in 30 Years, Researchers Say
Global Population on Track to Reach 11 Billion by 2100, Researchers Say
Trees Growing Significantly Faster in Warming Climate, Study Finds
How Norway and Russia Made A Cod Fishery Live and Thrive
3 students perspectives on GES-10
Global Shift to Mass Transit Could Have Major Financial and Climate Benefits
Peak to Peak: An Intimate Look at The Bighorn Sheep of the Rockies
Tackling Climate Change Could Pay Off in as Little as 15 Years, Report Finds
Urban Air Pollution May Affect Brains of Young Children, Study Says