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Here's the Reason Climate Deniers Use Abusive Name Calling as a Tactic
All Wet
Detecting Crap on the Internet
Vaccine Dysfunction
Confident Idiots
Dissing the IPCC and other Scientific Organizations - How Climate Deniers Work
How to Separate the Science of Climate Change from the Non-Science of Climate Deniers
What is, and is not, climate “data”?
My Cartoon Supervisors
A New Chapter
Multiple Working Hypotheses
Video-interview about climate science survey pap...
WSJ's Message is Always Deny or Delay: Koonin Just the Latest Misinformer
Facts Cannot Slow Down the Runaway Climate Confusion Train
The climate, coral reefs, and energy policy must learn to cope with commitment
Exploring Arctic Ice Minima
Constructive and External Validity for Climate Modeling
Climate Change: the Slippery, Shape Shifting, Jelly Mould Threat
FAQ for article 'Scientists’ Views about Attri...
Survey confirms scientific consensus on human-ca...
How many links does it take?
June was the hottest month on record for the ocean
Administrivia note: Time to heal and reassess
Of climate change and invalidated assumptions and plain old obstinance
Why that Doonesbury strip isn't 100% helpful
Self-delusion and the absurdity of a 'Good Anthropocene'
Science is science, but indifference trumps all
From Computational Thinking to Systems Thinking
The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth
Explaining the Seasons on 'Game of Thrones'
A few thoughts on the new EPA rules
no title
Calculation: The emissions from those new Chinese coal plants
Oil Giant Shell Wants U.S. Government To Give It...
Yes, candy evil, but denying yourself on Hallowe...
Pennsylvania Congressman Launches Investigation ...
Is carving jack-o-lanterns wasteful?
BP’s Bathtub Ring Of Gulf Oil Uncovered
The Worst Koch-Funded Lies About Climate Change in 90 Seconds
China's latest fashion craze: Smog masks
New Yorker food issue, ranked by kale factor
How to eat local during zombie apocalypse
Why climate rap actually improves dreaded school...
Weather Channel Rebukes Its Co-Founder On Climat...
EPA's Cross State Air Pollution Rule To Finally Move Forward
Check out Superstorm Sandy in before-and-after G...
Meet South Dakota’s surprisingly green Senate ...
You're supporting China's dirty habit
What you need to know about next big climate rep...
Watch Mark Bittman talk almond milk, hamburgers,...
If you don't kill your own meat,@least watch Sla...
How Industry First Went to War With Climate Science
Canadian Corporations Spent Over $15M Lobbying U.S. Government in 2014, Report
How Bill Gates and Peabody Energy Share Vision For Coal Powered Future Through Views of Bjorn Lomborg
Food expiration dates garbage. Here's new label ...
Uber says half its drivers make $90K year —...
Millennials could make difference on climate, if...
What will it take to get electricity to world's ...
5 things still broken 2 years after Superstorm S...
craziest things Repub candidates have said about...
Oil Companies Spending Big To Defeat Community-Led Anti-Fracking Initiatives At The Ballot Box
Climate depression for real. Just ask scientist
When the Shale Runs Dry: A Look at the Future of Fracking
Should meat be luxury?
Keystone XL activist gets his court
Video Mash Up Shows Climate Denial Streak in Republican Midterm Candidates
John Oliver's takedown sugar industry pretty swe...
U.S. Energy Policies Based on Inflated Fracking Predictions: Post Carbon Institute Report
95L Little Threat; TD 21E a Long-Range Threat to Mexico's Pacific Coast
More About Blackened Ice
Weather Channel Humiliates Climate Denier John Coleman (again)
Pre-TSD: Climate Depression is Real
95L No Big Deal; 100 Feared Dead, 300 Missing in Sri Lanka Landslide
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #44A
A chronicler of warnings denied Arctic Ice Melt Seen Doubling Risk of Harsh W...
The Romanian version of "Extracted"
Climate, Chaos, Confusion
Carbon News 28/10/14: oil drilling, honey and crowd-funding green coke
A Rare Event: Heavy Rains in Northwest U.S. From an Ex-Hurricane
Republican politicians aren't climate scientists or responsible leaders
Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is hoping to become the Senate M...
Post-peak Italy: the decline continues
The role of the ocean in tempering global surface warming
This is a re-post of an article by Richard Allan for NOAA It is well known that t...
2014 SkS Weekly Digest #43
SkS Highlights John Abraham's Another global warming contrarian paper found to b...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #43B
Recently discovered microbe is key player in climate change Researchers resol...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #43A
Amazon deforestation picking up pace, satellite data reveals An in-depth look...
Anti-technologists descend on New York City… by plane and car
Food, Fossil Fuels and Filthy Finance
2014 Arctic sea ice extent - 6th lowest in millennia
The National Snow and Ice Data Center has reported that this year we saw the 6th-l...
Scientists to Explain 'Climate at Your Doorstep' at New Online Hub
This is a re-post from Inside Climate News While the climate community was fixed ...
TDB Today: Reasons not to be cheerful, Part #272b
Remembering Rick Piltz
We provide here a listing of notable blog posts, articles and other statements abo...
Another global warming contrarian paper found to be unrealistic and inaccurate
It’s hard to find a reputable scientist who denies that human emissions of green...
Oil prices keep going down, but this is not good news
R.I.P. Rick Piltz
The founder and director of Climate Science Watch, Rick Piltz, passed at 2:46 a.m...
2014 SkS Weekly Digest #42
SkS Highlights Another "lightening rod" article by Dana, Dinner with global warmi...
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #42B
As deaths mount in Nepal disasters, questions about climate change raised Chu...
Still no sign of the rational middle?
QOTW: Krugman
Owen Paterson overdoes his attack on Greenpeace
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #42A
15 years from now, our impact on regional sea level will be clear California...
Scientist in focus – Arctic adventurer Will Steger
As readers know, I often focus on the story, and history, of someone who makes an ...
no title
Naomi Klein in Oxford
2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #41B
40% drop in solar PV cost is brightest spot of global epergy picture Climate ...
More discussion of SPBMC ...
What comes first--misinformation or the motivation to believe it? Some reflections on study design
Update from Wyoming
Unconfounding knowledge from cultural identity--as big a challenge for measuring the climate-science literacy of middle schoolers as grown ups
Poll data on evolution and climate change
John Oliver: 'Do Owl's Exist?'
Need a speaker?
Case Study: Engaging Forest Managers on Climate Impacts
Clean Energy in the Here and Now
Climate Change as a U.S. National Security Issue: It’s All About Risk Management
For the love of…what exactly?
A sense of energy
Protecting communities from flooding
Greenwire on Obama's Strategy to Morally Stigmatize Conservatives Who Dismiss Climate Change
BC Canada's The Tyee Magazine on Bill McKibben and Building a Broader Climate Movement
Why Google's Support for James Inhofe Is Not Only Morally Wrong, But Bad for Business
The Hill Newspaper on Obama's Climate Change Messaging
Debating Bioethics Openly: Taking Advantage of Major Events to Engage the Public
The Opponent: How Bill McKibben Changed Environmental Politics and Took on the Oil Patch
At New Scientist Magazine, Assessing the UK Government's Goal of Changing the Conversation About Food Biotechnology
Obama: No time for 'Flat Earth Society.'
Harvard Shorenstein Paper on "Nature's Prophet: Bill McKibben as Journalist, Public Intellectual and Activist"
BMC Medical Ethics Study Evaluates the Media Impact of Rebecca Skloot's Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
A Reply to Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald: Why Analysis and Critical Reflection on the XL Tar Sands Pipeline Is Needed
So lonely, misunderstood…
Lawrence Hall of Science, in brief
NOAA's Science on a Sphere: Climate visualization & other suggestions for viewing at science museums
NOAA's PPI goals&objectives fall short of the ACC policy&outreach recommendations
Storm surge: Hurricane Sandy
On the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy making landfall, we are running an e...
The new UKMO computer
How do trees change the climate?
Guest commentary from Abby Swann (U. Washington) This past month, an op-ed by Nadi...
[jules' pics] falling water
[jules' pics] Autumn colours
Rain-Making and Benefunder
Ocean heat storage: a particularly lousy policy target + Update
The New York Times, 12 December 2027: After 12 years of debate and negotiation, ki...
51. The simplest diffusive model of oceanic heat uptake and TCR
New developments: Climate services for health
I recently received a joint email from the World Meteorological and Health organis...
Iowa Roots: Speaking Truth to Power
The Monckton Files: Vote for Monckton!!!
At last, a candidate I can really get behind! There is an interesting site called ...
Climate response estimates from Lewis & Curry
Guest commentary from Richard Millar (U. Oxford) The recent study of climate sensi...
Government’s Duty
Unforced variations: Oct 2014
This month's open thread.
Limiting global warming to 2 °C – why Victor and Kennel are wrong + update
In a comment in Nature titled Ditch the 2 °C warming goal, political scientist Da...
Free climate science / modeling class beginning Sept. 29
Global Warming: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change is a free online adapta...
The story of methane in our climate, in five pie charts
The Monckton Files: Hypocrisplosion, Islamophobe Style
That Beacon of Freedom, His Supreme Sagacity, the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenc...
A Republican Scientist Explains Why Coal Is Expensive
My local newspaper is the Daily Herald, in Provo, Utah, and it has always been abo...
50. Volcanoes and the Transient Climate Response – Part II
On arguing by analogy
Climate blogs and comment threads are full of 'arguments by analogy'. Depending on...
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 1
One of the truly amusing facets of being a Monckton-o-phile like myself is watchin...
49. Volcanoes and the Transient Climate Response – Part I
The Monckton Files: A Hero Has Fallen!
Hang around the Watt's Up With That? blog for any length of time, and it will beco...
Global Warming, Climate Change
Jason Box interviewed by Mill Maher
Time and Tide
Republican EPA Chiefs Urge Climate Action
Four former EPA administrators from Republican administrations testified at a cong...
Take Notes, Mr. Steyn
Today's lesson is on How to Float Legally Non-Actionable Accusations.  Mark Steyn...
Inspector Steyn is Looking for a Clue
Great news in the Mann v. National Review et al. case!  Are you ready?  Defendan...
Deseret News: Who are the 'Alarmists'?
I wrote an op-ed for the Deseret News with the headline, 'Who are the 'alarmists' ...
Mark Steyn's Flashdance
It's an old story.  A stripper longs to be a ballerina, but the stuffy board at t...
The Free Speech Brigade Suppresses Free Speech
The Mann v. National Review et al. case (which I have previously written about her...
What Precedent? Why National Review et al. Are Running Scared
Whenever there is a big, public legal battle, it seems like the principals spend a...
Free Speech 101 for Sulky Teenagers
Yea, Michael Mann hath prevailed upon the court to allow his defamation suit to go...
A Conservationist Sees Signs of Hope for the World’s Rainforests
Geomystery: what are these white lines?
Five Things To Know About 2014 Global Temperatures
BP's aggressive PR strategy obfuscates facts
The Undersea Afterlives of Three Little Piggies
Doppler Radar Sees Debris from Antares Explosion
A Planet With Three Suns?
A Personalised Mini-Stomach, Grown in a Dish
Weather and Climate Key in Weights of Antarctic Penguin Chicks, Study Says
The Making of the Mammalian Nose
Scientists Find Seafloor Fallout Plume of Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill
Chantix, Suicide, and the Point of Prescription Drug Warnings
The Early Chimp Gets The Fig
Mature Forests Protect Waterways From Nitrogen Pollution, Researchers Find
Innovations in Energy Storage Provide Boost for Renewables
Spineless Giants Track Oceanic Revolutions
I've Got Your Missing Links Right Here (25 October 2014)
New Mapping Tool Shows Geothermal Power Plants and Potential in U.S.
How An Antibiotic Gene Jumped All Over The Tree of Life
Flu and Ebola: How Viruses Get Around
Drones Can Help Map Spread of Infectious Diseases, Researchers Say
Albania’s Coastal Wetlands: Killing Field for Migrating Birds
Ironing out a few problems at Beamline I08
In East Coast Marshes, Goats Take On a Notorious Invader
Arid and Mediterranean Ecosystems Seem More Resistant to Drought than Expected
Why media probably shouldn't name Ebola victims
Electricity Access Has Small Effect on Emissions in India, Study Says
Drive to Mine the Deep Sea Raises Concerns Over Impacts
Pesticide Linked to Bee Deaths Does Not Improve Soybean Crops, EPA Finds
Global Boom in Natural Gas Unlikely to Help the Climate, Study Suggests
Electric Power Rights of Way: A New Frontier for Conservation
From ice to volcanic ash: adventures of the next generation of scientists
U.S. Climate Envoy Says All Nations, Rich and Poor, Must Curb Emissions
From the winners of the EAG Photo Contest 2014
Researchers Explain Puzzling Stability of Some Himalayan Glaciers
(Caveat: I don't read or index the sites below, but have included them because others might want to, since they're directly focused on rebutting some higher-profile one-sided-skeptic sites. Are they useful?)